We Are Still Familiar

Still Familiar is a GoGo band created just as the name suggests. The band was initially formed in 2000 as "911" and boasted a collective of some of the most highly regarded GoGo musicians. Evolving over two decades, with new members and several name
variations, the band still managed to retain a unique and familiar sound its fans enjoy.
In 2004, 911 was reintroduced onto the GoGo scene as Familiar Faces. It was during
this time when the band developed a loyal fan base and a real permanence in GoGo. Eventually, Familiar Faces transitioned to Team Familiar and in 2019, the band restructured and reestablished as Still Familiar. The new name is a moniker and testament to the band’s resilience and quality of sound. To keep a faithful audience and fan base in GoGo, a band must possess three key elements: star power, talent and relatability. Still Familiar has mastered all three. With a mix of legendary and acclaimed artists, percussionists and musicians, the band has a bright future in GoGo with plans to grow the musical genre in an exponential way!